The future

Our long term strategy is to win over new regular customers in the countries where Darwin has been present for long and to conquer new markets


Our long term strategy is to satisfy customers in the countries where DARWIN has experience and to explore new markets, in order to deliver the highest quality availability and value to our customers throughout the year.

Successful practices include innovation management and dynamic capability.

Our segmentation strategy is to provide a single product with several variations including products covered by PDO and PGI, Red Label .

Social standards

DARWIN focuses on French fruits and vegetables  and pays  attention to quality education and International Labour Standards.

Therefore, DARWIN always prefers to supply European fruit and vegetables. The EU aims to promote social progress and improve the living and working conditions of the people of Europe e.g. in Setting minimum social standards .

Using Modern agriculture and novel farming techniques, choosing crop varieties that are adapted to the environment, and focus on research and development create the basis for sustainable agriculture.